What If Your Back Pain Awakens During The Night

One of the major problems associated with back pain and is waking up during the night, which prevents adequate rest and contributes to chronic fatigue. Advice is to sleep on the side with a pillow between your knees or sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees.

Cooling, heating, massage, creams...

Application of appropriate local measures may also be of some help. Recommended methods are cooling, heating, massage, rubbing antirheumathic cream in the painful region...

Truth be told, there is no concrete medical evidence of whether and how these measures work, but it is a simple and harmless procedure, which certainly should be given a chance. In everyday practice, in fact, meet patients where local therapy helps and therefore recommend, if only because of the placebo effect.

Back massage can help with back pain!

Although there are no concrete medical evidence of this, many patients report that massage and other local measures will help in alleviating the burden.

Drugs and exercises: In cases of extreme pain, recommended the appropriate medication, especially non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). With these drugs should not be exaggerated, because of potential adverse effects, especially on the stomach. Usually the first three to four days are taken regularly, and later occasionally, or if necessary, only in stages greater pain.

Different exercises (to strengthen the back muscles) are eligible only for chronic conditions, while in acute pain their application no special justification.

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