Neck Pain

The neck is such a small and very movable part of the body exposed to everyday microtrauma. This leads to gradual damage (degeneration) of the cervical spine. Degeneration gradually progressing and more pronounced as we grow older.

The inherent tendency and dealing with heavy physical jobs, contributes to a greater expressiveness of degenerative changes.

Pain in the neck is most commonly of the muscle or bone and joint origin. Pain in the neck muscle origin are the result of excessive tension or chronic muscle fatigue due to, for example, forced position at work or irregular sleep position.

The degeneration of the spine begins in discs (intervertebral tiles), which leads to their displacement from their slots in the intervertebral space - cervical (neck) disc herniation. Degenerate discus have less ability depreciation microtrauma, which diminishes their protective role towards the bone structures of the spine. As a result, degenerate and the intervertebral joints and connections (ligaments), occurs when cervical spondylosis (degenerative disease of the cervical spine). Advanced degeneratvni process on discs, intervertebral joints and spinal connections, tapered neck portion of the spinal canal, resulting in a cervical spinal stenosis.

The causes of pain in the neck

Degenerative process in the cervical spine, in addition to a variety of neurological symptoms, accompanied by pain, which may be nociceptive (origin of the neck ties or muscles) or neuropathic (origin of neural structures). Much more serious, fortunately much less common causes of pain in the neck, are the tumors and injuries of the cervical spine. This pain is usually accompanied by other symptoms.

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