How To Prevent Back Pain

For a while we thought that the appropriate lifestyle, including an intense sport, are a good prevention of back pain. However, there is no evidence that this claim is universally true. There is no doubt that the road lifestyle accompanied by the weakening of the back muscles, but it is clear that intense physical activity (hard physical work, professional sports) can lead to pain.

Cooling, heating, massage, creams...Read how to sit if a lot of work on the computer.

The spinal column (the lower back) suffers the greatest burden in bowed position and seating. Therefore, in order to prevent back pain, avoid work in bowed position (vacuuming, for example), lifting big loads in bowed position and extended sitting, especially in uncomfortable conditions.

As for physical activity, proper exercise and recreational sports absolutely can not hurt your back, on the contrary, it can be a good prevention.

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