Does Back Pain Necessarily Require Bed Rest?

There is almost no adult who has not had at least one episode of back pain. It can be caused by degeneration of intervertebral discs, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, a strained muscle (myofascial syndrome) and many other illnesses and injuries.

However, in as much as 85% of the cases, one can not determine a clear cause of the pain, even the application of sophisticated diagnostic procedures, such as MRI.

Back pain can be acute, lasting up to one month, or chronic, lasting more than a month.

In most cases, the pain resolves spontaneously without any treatment. Less commonly, the pain becomes chronic, when required additional checks and expert assistance. Specifically, patients with chronic back pain face significantly reduced quality of life.

Problems with the back can be extremely unpleasant. Patients with chronic back pain face significantly reduced quality of life.

Back pain does not require bed rest!

One of the more common misconceptions regarding the back pain is that you are obliged to hold. Most doctors agree, namely, to a standstill for more than 48 hours does not make sense, and that may even be counterproductive. Inactivity can cause depression, increase the chance of blood clotting in the veins of the legs, muscles weaken... Read the second most common misconceptions about pain in his back. Therefore, after the onset of back pain should be activated as soon as possible. Patients often avoid movement and any activity, fearing further complications. This fear is absolutely unfounded - the usual physical activity can only lead to stronger or weaker pain, but no additional injuries (complications).

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